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Bachmann #83197 C-19 Steam Loco #40 (DCC Ready) w/Short Tender

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Condition: New
Brand: Bachmann
Type: Steam Locomotive
MPN: 83197


Bachmann #83197 C-19 Steam Loco #40 (DCC Ready) RGS w/Short Tender

powerful precision-balanced can motor connected to an all-metal gearbox and gears with appropriate gear reduction combine to create an eight-wheel drive system with superior performance at realistic speeds
* equalized locomotive suspension system to provide super-smooth operation on uneven track
* electrical pickup from all drive wheels and both tender trucks
* advanced nonproprietary plug-and-play electronic printed circuit board to accommodate the control systems of your choice, including DC power, NMRA/NEM DCC, and/or RC operation.

choose track or battery power pickup, operation according to NMRA or Large Scale railroading practices, and motor power on/off
* choose either DCC or DC operation of the smoke unit, cab lights, realistic firebox flicker and ash pan glow, and classification lights
* two optical sensors, one in each cylinder, give you the option of adjusting the timing and count of steam chuffs
* factory-installed speaker, with wire pigtail, for easy installation of optional aftermarket sound system
* constant lighting of the LED headlight, classification lights, and cab light using soft white LED technology
* Johnson bar is connected to the fully adjustable inside Stephenson valve gear by a scale reach bar for reversing linkage that operates per prototype
* accurately reflects all the details found on the prototype road number modeled